Welcome to Odyssey Reborn


Today was the big day, we released Odyssey Reborn on Steam, check out the steam store at http://store.steampowered.com/app/351840/ to download.


Updates will now be posted here, with more detail than provided in game.

Mage Updates: Mages Freeze spell, Frost Blast, now only freezes for 1.2seconds in PvP. Costs 40Mana with a cooldown of 30seconds.

Game Updates:

Professions: The four professions; Blacksmith, Alchemist, Enchanter, and Jeweler are currently being worked on. Enchanter has been reworked to allow you to create scrolls which then are usable on gear to provide a buff. At max level, level 5, a player can create books that allow you to deal +3 additional damage to the class of your choice, but at the drawback of dealing -1 to any class other than the specialized one.

Blacksmithing has been updated to give proper information on the gear that is about to be created.


Calindor, a city south of the desert, has been opened! There are NPCs to be interacted with that upon completing their tasks a player can start to create viable PvP supplements or break down heroes/guardian tier gear into bars to convert into new gear. Each NPC does something different, and the tower is not yet complete, but is in the works of completion.

For a list of older updates check out our News Archive.